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About me

Keturah Dola-Borg (they/them/their pronouns) is an Infrastructure/Site Reliability Engineer at Freedom of the Press Foundation. They've been in tech for more than 12 years, primarily working in the public and non-profit sector, and frequently as a freelancer.

They have a particular interest in security and privacy, not just digital/internet but in day-to-day life as well. In addition to their work at FPF, Keturah also sits on the IFF's new Intersectional DNS Working Group, as well as being a community ambassador for the Fedora Silverblue project.

Before working at Freedom of the Press Foundation, most of their free time was dedicated to the Trans Rights movement in the UK; most recently as Managing Director and Lead Patient Advocate at UK Trans Info. They were also a co-founder of the Nonbinary Inclusion Project and creator of The Misgendered Project. They currently volunteer at the Gay City Wellness Center.

Their other interests include home automation, board games, watercolours, and the excessive use of incense.