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Contact me


Note that many secure services require extra steps to enable end-to-end encryption in order to be truly secure.

  • Email+GPG (GPG): [email protected]
  • Telegram+secret chat: @mountainwitch
  • Wire (device keys): @ketudb
    Wire Device Keys
    6B0115D3CFF9AE0B: 3c53ebff528dcaeb0f7c0f39a17ee8f13717fd7537dc67335adb4016ef6c79bf
    39BF03E24F05716A: d1cdb02b92f5aecf1863109e69b945244ffc972dac33838e73d665e1380c7059
    9486E87701AE543E: 523a0c4dff8dc70c660e29314829289837330f5e22aaf4d520613326a6d64493
  • Signal: contact me in some other way (securely, see footnote) for signal details (inc. security number) - I do not publish my phone number(s)


  • Twitter: @ketudb
  • Email (without GPG): As above

Note: You can also use Keybase to encrypt a message to me, and copy & paste, then send it to me over any secure/insecure method of communication (e.g. twitter DM). If you message me using this method, my response will be signed and can be verified by using Keybase.