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Contact me


Note that many secure services require extra steps to enable end-to-end encryption in order to be truly secure.

  • Email (GPG): [email protected]
  • Telegram: @mountainwitch
  • Matrix (device keys):
    Matrix Device Keys (Legacy)
    MPRXYCNVTD: TJ3/ 1wA9 +yQW 9tZ1 85uS p+2b nsYH /OPy vjyT tykf W7w
    GUNCUTZWBE: UyQZ 8d45 RaZ0 18F8 squQ xKpA L4Cu N+1T dBKh dMXH WFs
    MRVCHWZEZO: Oyc0 4KKm T/az zK9N bk2a Ix8z nNlI Itk3 3AcW kBvM cJ0
  • Wire (device keys): @ketudb
    Wire Device Keys
    9486E87701AE543E: 52 3a 0c 4d ff 8d c7 0c 66 0e 29 31 48 29 28 98 37 33 0f 5e 22 aa f4 d5 20 61 33 26 a6 d6 44 93
    A75E91E3F4D73BE1: 8d df e1 1e 09 20 ad dd 4d 73 f5 67 12 83 ec 27 1b 1a 78 60 6b 82 62 28 72 fa 4d 29 61 f4 94 10
    B0506D5898963D0E: b3 1d 59 6f 24 09 d1 90 69 a4 78 5f 97 4c 7d 4d bc 90 6b 58 d6 a7 05 c0 fa 8f 7b 2b 84 c5 84 b6
  • Jabber/XMPP+OMEMO/OTR (device keys): [email protected]
    Jabber/XMPP Device Keys
    2F9F8323 19C2E2B5 A19CE451 E9AD73E6 946387FF B463B379 A1C92061 19572F61 (OMEMO)
    1631BE50 2283ED16 BFA499C7 CD55A96D 2886756F D33E12E7 5B3E0539 BA12BF0B (OMEMO)
    F903B535 C7D76039 574D6434 9BA826E6 DCF4132E BAED3B28 54641652 FE6BFB77 (OMEMO)
    5d8aef53 d941efd7 df636a2d 0c93363c da263353 (OTR)
  • Signal: contact me in some other way (securely, see footnote) for signal details (inc. security number) - I do not publish my phone number(s)


Note: You can also use Keybase to encrypt a message to me, and copy & paste, then send it to me over any secure/insecure method of communication (e.g. twitter DM). If you message me using this method, my response will be signed and can be verified by using Keybase.