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Contact me


Note that many secure services require extra steps to enable end-to-end encryption in order to be truly secure.

  • Email+GPG: [email protected]
  • Email (via Tutanota): [email protected]
    (GPG key valid for tutanota email address as well. Without GPG, tutanota emails should be sent from another tutanota account.
  • Jabber/XMPP+OMEMO: [email protected]
  • Keybase Chat: caffeinewitch
  • Telegram, Wire, Signal, Matrix/Riot, iMessage also available upon request. See note in footer.


  • Email (without GPG): As above
  • Twitter, Mastodon, Instagram, SMS, Discord also available upon request.

Note: You can also use Keybase to encrypt a message to me, and copy & paste, then send it to me over any secure/insecure method of communication. If you message me using this method, my response will be signed and can be verified by using Keybase.